"Aether" is the home for my personal works.



The Aetherverse is a high fantasy fictional universe that I use to tell stories I've written.

As She Fell Through The Stars is the second installment to the series and contains 4 tracks, each written about something different set in the Aetherverse, but all linking together through lore.

The music itself is very experimental and much more upbeat than my releases with Fent Plates 

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To meet is the beginning of parting

My debut album, written about a significant period of my life.

This release explored a variety of melancholic themes expressed through a diverse range of downtempo bass music with a lot of organic textures


The Future We Used TO HAVE

My latest release with Fent Plates, which is available in a limited edition 12" with a full colour textured sleeve.

The first half of this EP explores "future garage" vibes, with shuffling percussion, beautiful melodies and addictive vocals. The second half of th release takes a more ambient turn..

  • The Future We Used To Have (EP - 2017)
  • As She Fell Through The Stars (EP - 2017)
  • Together by the Spirit Tree (EP - 2017)
  • Nocturne (Ft Pensees) (Single - 2016)
  • Viraha (EP - 2016)
  • Illusion (Single - 2016)
  • Iridescent (Single - 2016)
  • To Meet Is The Beginning Of Parting (Album - 2016)
  • Von (EP - 2016)
  • Introvert (Ft Pensees) (EP - 2016)
  • Elysia's Heart (Ft. Enzalla) (Single - 2016)
  • For You (Single - 2015)
  • Raccoon City (Ft. Veela & Sizzlebird) (Single - 2015)
  • Evergreen - (Single 2015)
  • Shivers (Ft. Pensees) (Single - 2015)
  • Wanderlust (Single - 2015)
  • Prologue (EP - 2014)
  • Stargazer (EP - 2014)
  • Lotus (Single - 2014)
  • Silhouette (Single 2013)