Polygon Treehouse

Roki is a dark fairy tale game set in a Scandanavian folklore fantasy. Here the player takes control of Tove and explores a vast and beautiful word full of mysteries and monsters.

I set out to create an atmosphere that allows the player to truly sink into the world. By creating a wide variety of ambient textures, lush melodies and sometimes intense orchestral suites, together with the stunning visual arts, we created a truly immersive experience.

Lion Shield

Kingdoms and Castles is a medievil themed city building game of which you develop your desolate island to a sprawling kingdom whilst overcominv any threats that may present themselves!

I set out to create something that mixes an old pallet of sounds with a modern take on music composition in a way that I could create catchy melodies to fit in the background whilst the player build their kingdom. There is also some heavier orchestral sections I wrote to accompany the in game invasions.