Welcome to the Aetherverse

Welcome to the first of many aetherverse related journal posts! I wanted to take the time today to sit down and give a brief track breakdown of each track and try and introduce some of the story concepts that are explored through the release “Together by the Spirit Tree

1. Dear Lillie

This track introduces us to Lillie, a young girl who over the course of the EP, is reborn into the wolf you see on the cover art. Dear Lillie is a musical interpretation of a love letter written by Amon - who is the man standing on the cover art - and is dated before the other events of this EP take place.

2. Reawaken

At the beginning of this release, Lillie has passed away (but how?). Fortunately, Ezria, where the EP is set, is home to a mysterious tree. The spirit tree, is fueled by spirit magic, which is mainly used for forging spirit weapons and accessories by spirit alchemists. However in this case, Lillie was reawakened, which can only be done directly through the spirit artifacts, thus granting her a second chance at life, however spirit magic could only allow her to be resurrected in an alternative form, in Lillie’s case, a wolf.

3. Eidolon

This track takes place soon after Lillie has been reawakened, when Amon is mourning Lillie’s grave. Lillie makes an appearance, however Amon is unaware it is her due to her appearance, and decides to make a run for it, as he doesn’t want to be attacked by the wolf. He ends up running to the spirit tree and Lillie follows.

4. Together by the Spirit Tree

Once they arrive at the spirit tree, Lillie begins to illuminate. When beings who have been reawakened are near their source of life, they begin to illuminate, this signifies that she is not just a wolf, but a spirit in an alternative form. Once Amon realizes this, he decides to spend time with her in her wolf form.