Aetherverse: As She Fell Through The Stars

Welcome to the second post of the Aetherverse series! Here I will share a little insight into the story of each track from "As She Fell Through The Stars"

5.  As She Fell Through The Stars

This song introduces Elysia. Elysia is what's known as a Starborn, which are beings sent from the stars in order to fulfil a task given to them from a god like being known as the Overseer.

6. What Will Become Of Us

 "Us" referring to Aether and Elysia. Not long after Elysia lands in the spirit realm, she encounters Aether. From here, they venture onward, not knowing what lies ahead.

7.   Reliquary

This track is written about the Reliquary, centered in the heart of Ezria, acting like the heart of Ezria. This mysterious monument powers all of the spirit artifacts throughout Ezria, this includes the Spirit Tree we are introduced to on the previous release.

8. From The Ashes

Very little can be said about this song except that it represent a great danger ahead...